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Stucco Remediation Process

Stucco failures occur where stucco meets window frames, door frames, trim boards, decking ledgers, patios, roofing & the list goes on. We use the latest building science practices and materials to deliver high-quality remediation services. SkyView has worked with the area’s leading third-party stucco inspectors and has satisfied all of their requirements on our projects. A stucco inspector will produce a detailed report of problematic areas with photographs and moisture readings, along with a detailed scope of work to be performed. We understand the financial burden this has placed on your family and this is why we recommend a third-party inspection. This is the first step in a homeowner understanding the extent of remediation required.

Providing our clients with long-term, cost-saving solutions.

Expert Stucco Remediation 

Stucco Remediation has become an epidemic in the Chester County area and beyond. SkyView has the necessary experience working with residential envelope systems to face this issue head-on. Specializing in windows, doors & siding has enabled us to react quickly to the issue of stucco failure.

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Once a home has been remediated and protected from moisture, you can choose any siding products; such as traditional lap siding, stucco or stone.

This is why we have success with our stucco remediation projects:

  • Proper use of bituminous tape flashings around windows and doors
  • Proper use of aluminum head flashing and sill pans for window and doors
  • Aluminum heavy gauge, seamless kick-out flashing at gutter/roof junctions.
  • Liquid flashing applied where tape and aluminum methods aren’t as effective, as in sealing terminations between differing substrates while maintaining vapor permeability.
  • House wrap applied in the proper order to create shingling effect at seams
  • Two layers of weather resistive barrier and a drainage mat behind scratch coats where masonry is applied over wood framing.
  • EZ bead installed around stucco/stone termination areas, and sealed with caulked
  • Weep screed along joints between foundation and framing.

Stucco Remediation FAQ

What Are The Advantages of Stucco Siding?

Stucco is much more durable than many alternative siding materials. When properly installed and with routine maintenance, your stucco can last a lifetime. Stucco is also fire-resistant. Many homeowners choose stucco siding for its customizable appearance. Whether you want a textured or smooth finish, stucco can be adjusted to your liking.

What Are The Disadvantages of Stucco Siding?

One of the disadvantages of stucco is poor insulation. Compared to other siding styles, stucco does not offer as much temperature regulation. Stucco siding also suffers from water staining if it is routinely exposed to the elements. It is normal for cracks to develop in stucco siding, especially as homes settle. With regular stucco inspections and remediation, you can keep your siding in optimal condition.

Can I DIY Stucco Repairs?

Applying stucco is a difficult process that should be left to professionals who have years of hands-on experience. Stucco repairs require multiple people and specialized equipment.

How Do You Maintain Stucco Siding?

Stucco siding should be regularly inspected to identify cracks or damages early in their development. SkyView offers professional stucco inspection and remediation services to prevent minor issues from worsening. Other ways to maintain your stucco include using gutters and trimming surrounding vegetation.

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