Low-emissivity glass, more commonly known as low-e glass, has been implemented by contractors, since the 1980s as a way to filter the sun’s rays.  Low-e glass consists of extremely thin coatings on mainly the #2 and #3 glass surfaces, within two panes of insulated, sealed glass.

Low-e coatings made up of layers of thin sliver that are sandwiched between layers of antireflective and protective coatings.

Ultra violet, visible light and infrared are all wavelengths that are transmitted by the sun.  The idea is to block most of the UV and manage infrared heat while allowing nearly all of the visible light to pass through the filtered glass.

Ultra violet light causes fading of fabrics and flooring inside your home. BAD

Visible light transmittance is left to pass through the window with little interruption. GOOD

Infrared light is heat energy transmitted as heat. GOOD or BAD depending upon your regional climate and location of your windows within your home.

Many home owners use our contracting services for low-e glass window installation and replacement.

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