jsiding3We take your home’s envelope system seriously! Our standard siding services implement a foam core insulator with taped seams rather than just a paper underlayment.  We offer many siding colors, profiles & materials dealing with manufacturers such as CertainTeed, Hardie & Mastic.

It is crucial to view your home as a system.  We will have your exterior walls performing at their best by adding R-value and stopping air leaks.  As specialist, we understand the best way to work with siding products when merging them with leak-prone areas such as windows, doors, roofing & exterior trim.


Different styles of James Hardie siding

Different styles of James Hardie siding

Adding insulation

jsiding2Adding rigid insulation to the outside of your walls increases the walls R-Value as well as adding an effective air barrier. This is the easiest, most cost effective way to add thermal performance to your home. Seams are taped and sealed against water penetration.

Thicknesses of rigid foam range from 3/8” to 3” and can increase R-value considerably.

Our expertise shows in our workmanship and combines the use of trims, flashings and sealants to shed water down and away from your home.
Here at Skyview Remodeling, we also offer standard vinyl siding services, including but not limited to:
-Foam core house wrap with vapor retarder and insulation
-Channel around windows and trim boards that are cleanly mitered, caulk and sealed
-Aluminum flashing applied above windows and other leak-prone areas
-Siding that is hung rather than pinned to the wall
Call us today to find out more about the other full service options we have to offer!

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