Hailstorms pose a serious threat to homes. Studies have shown that hail alone produces over a billion dollars worth of property damages annually. Depending on the size of the hailstones, it can potentially wreak havoc on your roof, windows, and siding. When it comes to hail, even tiny hailstones can cause damage if they are accelerated with high wind speeds. After a serious storm, it is important to assess your home’s exterior to check for damages and prevent further issues.

How To Inspect Your Vinyl Siding for Hail Damage

When evaluating your vinyl siding for hail damage, keep an eye out for dents, cracks, chips, holes, and warping. The best time to inspect your home is directly after the storm. This makes it easier to match the size of the hailstones with the size of your damages. Taking pictures of the aftermath and any noticeable damage to your siding can support your insurance claim. It is also recommended to consult with a local siding contractor who can provide you with an estimate. 

Ways to Prevent Siding Damage During a Hailstorm

  • Replace Your Vinyl Siding – While vinyl siding offers a number of benefits, durability is not one of them. James Hardie siding is a popular alternative with much greater protection against hail and other elements. This siding consists of dense fiber cement, offering superior longevity and resistance compared to vinyl.
  • Routine Siding Maintenance – Over the years, your siding can lose some of its integrity. Regular maintenance allows you to address structural issues and damages as they arise, helping to preserve the condition your siding. When a hailstorm hits, unmaintained siding can be more susceptible to cracks and dents.
  • Strategic Landscaping – Trees, bushes, and other natural features can provide an effective physical barrier against incoming hail. When planting trees or bushes, it is important to consider their distance from your home. If planted too close, they can scratch or pierce your siding during windy conditions.

Choosing the Right Siding Contractor

If you notice any damage to your siding, you should call an experienced professional as soon as possible. Left unaddressed, siding damage can result in costly issues down the line. The contractor you choose to handle your siding repairs or replacement can make all the difference. Before hiring a siding contractor, you should do your research and read reviews. Customer testimonies offer crucial insight into the quality you can expect to receive. 

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