Replacing windows can offer a significant increase in energy savings. Especially when the original windows have one layer of glass, have no low-e coatings or steadily leak air. The cost saving benefits vary in differing regions and also fluctuate with the changing cost of energy. However there are considerations beyond energy savings when replacing windows.

Better Operation

Windows are operable units that open and close. If they don’t operate properly, that can be reason enough for replacement. Windows that don’t operate effectively can be a result of many layers of paint that glue them shut, broken or worn counter balance systems, improper installation, broken hardware and so on.

Cosmetic Upgrade

New windows will increase curb appeal and raise the value of your home. You have the option of interior and exterior finishes and component materials to get the look you desire. Views to the outside are often enhanced with new, clean glass and screens. No more unsightly storm windows.

New Technology

Todays window manufacturers and contractors offer interior and exterior finishes that are built to last. Maintaining your interior and exterior surfaces no longer involve paint in most cases. Have you ever painted a window inside and out? No fun! Other benefits of new technology include sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning of outside glass surfaces, reduction of outside noise & less sun fading of interior finishes.

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